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Mr. Consumerized Mobility

Here’s how I roll …. and yes, I am a very serious security professional. I believe that consumer devices and BYOD is at least as secure as current Enterprise IT practices in most organizations today. Here I am working … … Continue reading

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Life Updates

Okay, so things have been going on in my life that you may or may not be interested in. But I figured I’d share them anyhow and you could read or not read as you see fit.

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Biz Insider’s 23 Thought Provoking Tech Execs Article

Recently Business Insider published an article on 23 Tech Execs they think folks ought to follow on Twitter. I had a few thoughts after reading the article (when don’t I?). The first one was “how cool that they used Allison … Continue reading

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Whiskey and a Cigar – My Memorial

My tribute to the ones who didn’t come home. I’m gonna smoke it and drink it for you … Thanks boys!

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Red Poppies

If you are wondering, the red poppies in the background are for Memorial Day. They grow in Flanders, in Belgium, on the graves of the British, Canadian, American, French, Belgian and German soldiers who died there in 1World War I. … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Grilling

I usually grill or smoke every weekend, even the depths of winter (which isn’t actually that horrible in the Pacific Northwest). On big weekends, I do something big like ribs or pork shoulder. Today I’m doing a pork shoulder. It’s … Continue reading

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In Flander’s Fields

You guys will get used to me eventually. I’m a Gulf War vet (first one), plus Cold War and a bunch of other stuff over my 11 years of service. Memorial Day is a big deal to me. Flander’s Fields … Continue reading

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