ISSA International Conference Featured Speaker

Yes, your favorite blog author is going to be speaking at the ISSA International Conference this year. In fact, I will be one of their Featured Speakers. And just because I like it that way, I decided to go out on a limb a bit.

From the agenda:

Predictive Security – Another Meaningless Marketing Term? Or A Real Possibility?
Eric Cowperthwaite – Chief Information Security Officer – large hospital system on the West Coast of the USA.

In this session, we will look at what the term “Predictive Security” means, we’ll consider if it is just a marketing term to suck in the unwary CISO and then we will explore if Predictive Security can actually make a difference to your enterprise security program.

Come on out to Nashville and see if I am full of it, or not!


About Eric Cowperthwaite

Nearly 30 year security professional, 11 years in the US Army, and another 18 in the civilian world. Worked for EDS for 9 years, then for Providence Health & Services as their CSO for 7 years. Now I work for CORE Security as their VP, Advanced Security & Strategy. This blog is not just about security, either physical or information. You can expect to read about cigars, my life, things I think are funny and much more. And I will rail about the FUD that so many security practitioners toss around on a regular basis. Plus, once in a great while, I might actually share a thought or two about security. Did I mention that I will probably blog about cigars? Just to be clear, nothing that I write here represents the position or opinion of my employer. Nothing I write here is proprietary or confidential to my employer. Everything I write here is my personal opinion.
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