Interesting Things

I work for a very interesting company, culturally speaking. It was originally founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina about 15 years ago. After achieving significant success in their market space, Core moved its headquarters to Boston. However, the majority of the company other than some administrative and sales staff, remained in Argentina. Over time, the company came to have two major locations. About half the company is located in Buenos Aires and the other half in Boston. A few people, like me, are in home offices, but spend significant time in one of the headquarters.

Because of this, the company has a very diverse culture and worldview. Interestingly, I am finding that many things we on the west coast of the US take for granted as factual and accurate is not considered to be the case by people I am now working with.

I loved living in Germany in the 1980’s and “traveling” in the Middle East and Africa in the early 1990’s because of the enormous exposure to other cultures and viewpoints. It allowed me to learn just how limited and parochial the perspectives I had been culturally raised with actually were and to greatly broaden my understanding of the world around me. And this company is giving me that same opportunity. I love it.


About Eric Cowperthwaite

Nearly 30 year security professional, 11 years in the US Army, and another 18 in the civilian world. Worked for EDS for 9 years, then for Providence Health & Services as their CSO for 7 years. Now I work for CORE Security as their VP, Advanced Security & Strategy. This blog is not just about security, either physical or information. You can expect to read about cigars, my life, things I think are funny and much more. And I will rail about the FUD that so many security practitioners toss around on a regular basis. Plus, once in a great while, I might actually share a thought or two about security. Did I mention that I will probably blog about cigars? Just to be clear, nothing that I write here represents the position or opinion of my employer. Nothing I write here is proprietary or confidential to my employer. Everything I write here is my personal opinion.
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