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Day 3 at CORE

Yet another day of fun at CORE today. Spent the day getting to know the people, figuring out critical strategies, and places where I can start inserting myself to have some immediate impact. Started working on goals for the next … Continue reading

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ISSA International Conference Featured Speaker

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Gartner Security Summit Keynote

Paul Proctor got on stage and captured the attention of 2400 security professionals. He lampooned the NSA, brought the ghosts of security on stage and even highlighted my organization for the changes we’ve been able to accomplish. Key themes: BYOD, … Continue reading

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A Thought on FUD

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Why, when there are so many fundamentally sound reasons for a company to do good security, do the security professionals seem to always fall back to trying to motivate through FUD? Why aren’t you guys out … Continue reading

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